Make Dinner Easy!

Pick up a Bleu Madrona Burger today that is made with our beef ground in-house and stuffed with Bleu Cheese, bacon bits, sweet white onion, and Madrona Smoked Salt from San Juan Island Sea Salt.


Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Make this flavorful recipe with our Arista Large Shrimp that you can pick up today at your Island Market.


Summer Favorite!

Pick up Red Sweet Cherries that are perfect for summer snacking or making your favorite cherry recipe!

BIG Savings! Get Great Deals on the things you need!

Wine Pick of the Month: Lopez Island Vineyards


Brent Charnley and his wife, Maggie Nilan, have been producing organic fine wines on Lopez Island since 1987.

The climate of Lopez Island – the southwest exposure, cooler climate and low rainfall - is ideal for delicious wine varieties.

In addition, the vineyard and winery is family run and community owned. They pride themselves on growing the best organic grapes and produce premium quality wine. The fields have been farmed without pesticides for over 100 years- making it ideal for an organic winery.

Try a variety of their fine wine that you can pick up at your Orcas Island Market.

Come and gather for the Summer Solstice Parade at 11:30 am on June 23rd!

It’s a vibrant and fun event you don’t want to miss out on and this year its the 20th Anniversary! The theme this year is the Return of Animals Plants and Bugs.

Stay after the parade for entertaining music and dance performances on the stage at the Village Green.

Check out other events happening on the island in June under the myCommunity page.



As one of the largest of the 172 named islands in San Juan County, Orcas Island allows you to experience a beautiful mix of the arts, the outdoors and laid-back pace of island life.

Orcas is home to 5000-acre Moran State Park, which features lakes, hiking trails, and public campgrounds. In Moran you will also find Mt. Constitution – the highest peak in the islands, reaching 2,400 feet in elevation. A hike, drive, or bike ride to the top reveals a 360-degree marine view of the San Juan’s and beyond.

Whether you are looking for a unique celebration for the family, or the perfect romantic getaway, with over 57 square miles of adventure, you'll be sure to find it all here. .


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