Thanksgiving Time is Here! 

Make sure you pick up your Fresh Grade A Natural Whole Turkey at your Island Market this week!


Thanksgiving Stuffing 

Whip up a batch of this comfort food favorite for Thanksgiving with Organic Celery Bunches 


Thanksgiving Side Dish

Pick up Organic Sweet Potatoes or Yams at your Island Market this week

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Boathouse Ciderworks


We are excited to feature Boathouse Ciderworks as our Beverage of the Month for November!

Boathouse Ciderworks was created by Libby and Libby's sweetheart, Captain Jim.

Boathouse Ciderworks began in Libby’s grandparents' Obstruction Pass boathouse. Her grandparents moved to Orcas in the 1940s when the land was cheap and the islands served as the orchards of the cities.

She knew she had created something great when she won the 2015 Orcas Ciderfest Homebrew contest with her gingered hard cinder. She then started making perry, pear cider, Asian pear cyser and ginger “champagne” that all of her friends and family enjoyed.

They couldn’t be happier now crafting a great cider that we carry at your Island Market! Stop in today to pick up this delicious cider!

Be in the know to what changes are coming for Orcas Island Market!

We will be updating several key areas of the store including the deli, bakery, coffee bar area along with the front end. The goal of this project is to create an easier shopping experience & increase our prepared food offerings & space to sit and enjoy your meal.

Stay in the loop about the exciting changes on our 2019 Update Page under the About Us tab.

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As one of the largest of the 172 named islands in San Juan County, Orcas Island allows you to experience a beautiful mix of the arts, the outdoors and laid-back pace of island life.

Orcas is home to 5000-acre Moran State Park, which features lakes, hiking trails, and public campgrounds. In Moran you will also find Mt. Constitution – the highest peak in the islands, reaching 2,400 feet in elevation. A hike, drive, or bike ride to the top reveals a 360-degree marine view of the San Juan’s and beyond.

Whether you are looking for a unique celebration for the family, or the perfect romantic getaway, with over 57 square miles of adventure, you'll be sure to find it all here. .


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