Tasty Dinner!

Make a flavorful dinner with Southern Boneless Chicken Breast available at your Orcas Island Market!


Zucchini Noodles with Shrimp!

This delicious meal is quick to make, healthy, and packed full of flavor. Switch it up this week and try making this tasty recipe with our USA Wild Shrimp available at your Island Market today!



A Healthy Snack!

Pick up delicious Envy Apples today at your Island Market! Perfect for a healthy snack on the go, adding to a salad or baking a delicious dessert with.

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Aslan Brewery

Aslan Brewery was created in 2012 when four men came together and put their unique skills together and started their very own commercial microbrewery and restaurant.

All of their beers are organic and sourced from local goods. If you’re looking for something new and refreshing, you’ll want to try their locally crafted beers.

If you’re wondering about their name and lion logo, Aslan is the Turkish word for lion. A lion is the King of the Jungle and a regal figure rooted in nature which is similar to their beers being made from raw and exotic elements of the world.

Stop by your Orcas Island Market today to pick up their Batch 15 IGA, Classic Light Lager and Dawn Patrol Pacific Ale.

Mark your calendars for the Orcas Island Literary Festival on April 13th to 15th!

This fun event is a great way to bring together people who love to read books and the authors who enjoy to write them. The festival is full of panel discussions, writing workshops, and our lit crawl, featuring exciting new literary voices on the beautiful Orcas Island.

Make sure you get your early bird passes for the festival and check out all of the events happening on the island in April under the myCommunity page.



As one of the largest of the 172 named islands in San Juan County, Orcas Island allows you to experience a beautiful mix of the arts, the outdoors and laid-back pace of island life.

Orcas is home to 5000-acre Moran State Park, which features lakes, hiking trails, and public campgrounds. In Moran you will also find Mt. Constitution – the highest peak in the islands, reaching 2,400 feet in elevation. A hike, drive, or bike ride to the top reveals a 360-degree marine view of the San Juan’s and beyond.

Whether you are looking for a unique celebration for the family, or the perfect romantic getaway, with over 57 square miles of adventure, you'll be sure to find it all here. .


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